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Oil Tank Sweeps

Up to 1 Acre- $275 tax included, 1 Acre to 1.5 Acres- $300.00 tax included, 1.5 Acre+ - Call for pricing

We will perform a property investigation using a flux-gate type magnetometer. The magnetometer utlizes two sensors that detect the magnetic field generated by ferromagnetic objects. The presence of a difference in sensor reading indicates anomalous conditions that are manifested by a signal meter indicating strength and polarity.

Please Note:  Tank Sweeps requested on Sunday are up to 1 Acre-$300.00 tax included, 1 Acre to 1.5 Acres-$350.00 tax included.

Oil Tank Testing

4 Boring Soil Test- $500 tax included, 4 Boring Soil Test Under Concrete/Asphalt- $625 tax included 

We will extract a minimum of 4 subsurface soil borings samples for Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbon analysis by a NJDEP Certified Laboratory.  This ESA is much more intrusive and includes marking out the dimensions of the tank and assessing all utility lines. At which time the technician will use a series of augers, booth manual and mechanical which take core samples. All holes will be closed utilizing concrete or blacktop patching.

Soil Anomaly Investigation & Excavation

$500 tax included 

This includes a manual dig of the previously marked-out area and an additional home inspection to verify any evidence of previous oil service by the heating system indicated by copper fuel lines, trenching towards the furnace area, or patching of basement walls.  If there is an external fill pipe we will use an endoscope borescope that uses a HD camera to inspect the line. At the completion of our investigation we will furnish a report with our findings.

Environmental Reports

Reports for Tank Sweeps & Anomalies are issued within 24 hours.  If no tank is located, we will include the following written guarantee:  If an oil tank is ever found while our client is the owner, Tank Locator will remove the tank at our expense.  To promise this guarantee, Tank Locator will be solely responsible for selecting the tank removal contractor and coordinate all services. Guarantee is limited to tank removal only and does not include any costs associated with the remediation of leaking oil tanks.

Reports of Soil Borings typically take up to 5 business days or less.  This soil analysis is done by a state licensed lab that is compliant and regulated by environmental measurements N.J.A.C. 7:18 et. seq.